What they are saying…


Client Comments

There are a few key phrases I’ve learned from you that are always near my conscience mind as I try go about my day with better posture and breath:

  1.  3 dimensional breathing
  2.  shrink wrap your midsection {on exhale}
  3.  shine your heart {on inhale}
  4.  minimize your dowager’s hump ( so not a sexy phrase *:) happy)

Thanks for the Scoli class, Anne. It was very helpful and pleasant and I’m looking forward to all of them.~BH


I can’t leave town without saying today was your best class I’ve attended to date. Inspired cueing and now I have a whole new set of reminders and moves to take back and work on. ~Rick, Madison, WI


Thank you Anne! I really appreciate all the work you put into your classes … such a beneficial and enjoyable experience! Best, Amy


Thank you, Anne! This poem is so beautiful and definitely touched my soul. Thank you for sharing this with us and thank you for such a wonderful class today. Your beautiful labyrinth was such a special treat.Happy New Year and see you soon,  Love,Linda


Thank you for all that you share ALL through the year.  Your kindness and patience are inspiring and your wealth of knowledge is amazing.  Thank you for sharing these most important gifts!  ~KD


Anne, Thank you for an unbelievable year!  You have opened my eyes, heart, and body in so many ways.  Also want to thank you for the special certificate presentation.  It definitely denotes the beginning of this journey into yoga.  Love Always, M.P.


Anne, really enjoyed class today. I feel all loosened and lengthened! Appreciated the down dog toes/heels move…my toes & ankles always need stretching. And I love those singing bowl chimes you play. Beautiful! ~A.H.


Oh my gosh I’m in less pain than I’ve been for the last month!  Thanks for all you do! ~A.T.


Last night at 2am I was in Bellingham trying very hard to breathe through the horror of the election and not let panic overcome me while I was trying to help [my daughter] through a panic attack 100 miles away in Seattle. I didn’t feel like I could get oxygen to help my baby deal with her fears until I heard your voice in my head starting Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu. Thank you for giving me those words years ago.I carry them on my heart, I took a few seconds to go through it twice and then I found the path to help [my daughter] begin to come to ease.  Namaste.~BH


Anne, you are are a wise and kind woman…whose family, friends and community are enriched and experience growth simply by your presence in their lives.~CM


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